If you want to provide an optimal mix to headphone listeners, you need to work with headphones while

mixing. You can start your mix in speakers or headphones, but it is critical that you incorporate headphone

monitoring as you work. While you mix, try changing the position and binaural render mode settings for

each of your objects. Changes to the binaural render mode settings will be apparent only in the headphone

monitoring feed and the binaural render of your mix. Our experience has shown that some mixers feel that

they can achieve a mix that works across both speakers and headphones more quickly if they approach the

headphone mix first, and then make adjustments to the mix while switching between speakers and

headphones. There is no right or wrong way, and we encourage you to experiment.

Here are a few more things to consider and explore when making a mix for binaural headphone and speaker


• Avoid placing objects in the very center of the room. At this position, there is no binauralization on the

headphone output, and the binaural render mode settings will have no effect.

• If your aim is to create a dry center front image, try positioning the object in the center on the front wall

and setting the binaural rendering mode to Off or Near.